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5 Must Have Tools For A New Blog

*This post contains affiliate links. However, I do not recommend anything I don’t use and love!

Although The Complex Mom is a fairly new blog, I am not new to the blogging world.

I had a fairly successful blog I ran before my husband died, but with all of the commotion, I shut it down.

It’s now a new year, and a new me.  The one thing I was missing was blogging so I decided to come back to it.

My prior blog took me a lot of time to get it up and running.  I had to learn the hard way what to do and what not to do.

Thankfully this time around I already had a few tricks up my sleeve.  I know what is worth investing my startup money in and what is worth focusing my time and attention on.

I’m here to share those tips with you!


My first time around I started with BlueHost.  Everyone recommends it because it has such a big affiliate return, but to be honest I didn’t love it.  It was hard to use and didn’t leave me a lot of room for expanding.

This time around I decided to go with SiteGround.

I found them easier to use and loved their customer support.

Through your host, you’ll be able to purchase a site domain and they will help you set up your WordPress site.

I highly recommend this initial investment if you want to start a profitable blog. Having your own domain is key and deciding to transfer it over later is a big pain in the butt.


They say to focus your attention on one social media platform when you first get started out.

I’m here to tell you Pinterest is the way to go.

Create as much quality content as you can with awesome graphics and then share your heart out on Pinterest.

Participate in group boards and work to gain a following and you’ll see your blog traffic grow very quickly!

(If you read to the bottom I’ll tell you how to get added to my Pinterest group board!!)


Speaking of quality graphics, this is probably the most important.  Despite how great your content is, if your graphics are less than ideal, your audience won’t click to your site and won’t want to repin your posts.

I’ve heard a lot about Canva but I personally love PicMonkey

I think it is so easy to use and I’m able to quickly make quality graphics.

PicMonkey costs $7.99 a month to have access to all of the fonts and graphics and to be able to save your work so you can re-edit them later.

It’s is 100% worth it!

Quality Content

If you love to write, creating quality content won’t be hard for you.

Keep a running list of blog ideas so you’re never out of fresh ideas.

Keep your paragraphs small. Creating space in between your thoughts makes it easier for your readers to follow along.

Proofread.  I am the worst at grammar.  I love Grammarly.

It’s a free extension on your browser that does the proofreading for you.

Growing Your Audience

Last but not least, you need to grow your audience.

My favorite tool for this is Tailwind.

I had a very obvious jump in traffic when I started scheduling my posts.

Scheduling your posts at optimized times to your various Pinterest group boards is an easy way to grow your audience.

To take it a step further, check out Tailwind tribes.

I absolutely love them!

Other bloggers share my content to their Pinterest audience and in return I share theirs.  It’s a win-win for everyone.

Tailwind was probably the best investment I made when starting my blog and gave me the most notable jump in traffic.

If you’re struggling to grow your audience try their 30 day free trial and see for yourself.


If you made it this far, I hope I’ve given you some insight as you work on getting your new blog up and running.  It’s such an exciting time seeing all of your hard work pay off.

If you’d like to join me, follow me on Pinterest and send me a message, comment, or email at complexmomstudio@gmail.com and request to join my group Pinterest board

Blogging Mom Favorites

No crazy rules just pin away!

**As an updated bonus if you join Tailwind tribes, I invite you to join The Complex Mom Tribe.

Put in a request to join and let me know you’re a reader of my blog!

Can’t wait to see your great content!



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