Halloween Cash-Saving Tips
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Cash-Saving Target Tips to Achieve the Best Halloween of All Time

Halloween is fun for all ages, and it’s about more than just candy. Whether you’re a fan of the sweets or the screams, decorating and celebrating is what it’s all about. However, even for serious Halloween fans, the $9 billion that NRF reports that Americans spent during the 2018 season sounds crazy. Here are the best cash-saving tips to get everything you need from Target for an amazing Halloween — without a high price tag.

Search for a Target Coupon Today

Although paper coupons are not the trendy way to shop any longer, you can still find digital coupons for great deals. For example, by looking around online for a Target coupon before you begin shopping, you’ll be prepared to save money and possibly earn some cashback on your purchases. So, before checking out with your online cart, do a quick search for coupons to see if you can get an incredible discount on your Halloween necessities.

Check the Bargain Bins

While most people skim Bullseye’s Playground each time they visit Target, now is the time to get serious. Those inexpensive items near the entrance to the store are often only a dollar or two apiece. You can find candy totes for the kids and more. Plenty of DIY items are in those bins, too, like seasonal stickers, mini-projects, and even costume accessories.

Shop Online (and in Advance)

Even better, before you head to your local Target, check for deals online. You can get everything from décor to costumes and treats by shopping online. The store’s current promotion includes a spend $30, save $5 deal or a spend $50 save $10 — only for shopping online. Plus, there are items available online that you can’t buy in the store.

Halloween cash-saving target tips
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Sign Up for a REDcard

For those of you who are serious about Halloween, now is the ideal time to sign up for a REDcard. If you don’t already have one, the benefits include 5 percent off everyday purchases (plus a Starbucks discount!). The card comes in debit and credit forms, with the debit option linking to your existing bank checking account.

You also get extended returns and free two-day shipping on many online items. Subscriptions to diapers, wipes, and formula also net you a bundle discount—ideal if you have a baby at home. The best news is, discounts apply to Cartwheel purchases and sale items, too. In short, you’re leaving money on the table if you don’t have a REDcard.

Get Creative with Décor

Sure, the premade decorations are part of Target’s seasonal appeal, but consider what you can DIY to cut your budget even further. DIY Network suggests cheap projects like coffee filter garlands, printable banners, and “specimen jars” featuring fake bugs and rubber spiders.

Many Halloween décor items can also do double duty as general autumn decorations. Think gourds, miniature pumpkins, and fall-themed succulents in jars. Painted signs are always chic, and you can DIY them with art supplies from Target’s aisles.

Make a List for Menu Items, Too

Target is your one-stop-shop for everything ghoulish — and everything delicious. Instead of shopping at multiple stores for candy, food, decorations, and costumes, you can do it all under one (virtual) roof. You’ll save money just by preserving gas since you won’t be driving to specialty stores to track down must-have items.

And don’t worry if the Halloween cookies are sold out or you can’t find orange icing on store shelves. With inspiration from Country Living, go budget-friendly on the themed appetizers and grab a pile of veggies for a skeleton-shaped tray. Wrap up hot dogs as puff pastry mummies or go naturally orange with a pumpkin pie dip. Even adding edible googly eyes to a dish can send creepy vibes, making your meal planning that much simpler.

DIY Your Costume

Yes, it’s tempting to shop Target’s costume aisle, especially with this year’s Hyde and Eek! Boutique offerings. But according to that NRF survey, shoppers spend the most on costumes when it comes to Halloween prep — a staggering $3.2 billion. Most people who responded to the survey said they planned to spend about $80 per person. Skip the premade looks and DIY a costume that’s adorable and inexpensive to stay on budget.

Saving money during any holiday season isn’t easy. However, with these cash-saving Target tips, you can hit up your favorite aisles and still come in under budget.

Written By: Kris Louis

Kris Louis is mom to two rambunctious boys. Her oldest is 10 and her youngest is 7. A former advertising copywriter, she recently created parentingwithkris.com, where she puts her skills to work writing about the trials and tribulations of parenting. Kris, her husband, and two boys live in Durham, NC. 

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