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Command Center For Large Families

Large Family Command Center: Organization and Chore Charts
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Staying organized can be challenging. I quickly realized I needed a command center. I often found myself yelling orders at the kids and very few of them were being followed. A command center would help to help organize my family and help redirect my kids on their chores without having to bark orders.

You see, in a span of a few months my small family of three doubled into a large family of six!

It took me by surprise but I found myself head over heels in love and jumping into being a mom to four boys under the age of 10.

Yes you read that right. Four!

I quickly realized summer break was approaching and I needed to come up with a system. This system would help the older three know what to expect each day and which chores were expected of them. The youngest just turned three and gets a free pass at the moment.

Chores completed means we get to go out and have some fun, chores not complete equals some sort of punishment. Around here that usually means extra chores, like scooping poop in the barn.

So here’s my command center, including chore charts and an organizing calender.

Large Family Command Center: Organization and Chore Charts
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Large Family Command Center: Organization and Chore Charts
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Large Family Command Center: Organization and Chore Charts
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So here’s how it works.


I’m using a white board we’ve had lying around but one like this would work perfectly! I write down anything that involves them for the month. Their 4-H meetings, swim lessons, vacation bibles school, camp, and any parties they will attend with us. They appreciate being kept in the loop and knowing what to expect each day.

They also have steers they are raising for 4-H that they take turns choring for. Each day is lettered with their initials, and detailed instructions down the side on what is expected of them on said chores.

Chore Charts

Each kid has their own clip board. I painted them and wrote their names in sharpie markers. On each clothes pin I wrote down chores I would like completed.

There are three older boys so I alternate them on bathroom duty, dining room, and living room. The three main rooms they destroy. I have them clean Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Plus a few extras like cleaning their rooms and putting their laundry away as needed.

I keep all of the pins on the bottom and when I want them completed I move them to the to-do side. They get to move them to done when finished.

All I have to do is make them aware they have chores to do and they complete the rest without constant reminders and yelling. If they don’t get it done they know what’s in store for them.

I won’t pretend my boys are angels that do exactly as I ask. There seems to always be one kid that likes to stir the pot and see what they can get away with, but so far this system has worked really well for us.

For motivation, I created a summer bucket list. As long as they keep up on chores and help me keep up with the house, we will continue to mark items off of our summer bucket list!

So if your looking for a simple way to keep your kids organized and motivated this summer, I hope this command center helps you get there!

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