DIY Flintstones Family Halloween Costume.
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DIY Flintstones Family Halloween Costume

Today I’m sharing my quick and easy DIY Flintstones Family Halloween Costume.

With just some basic sewing skills you can whip up a family costume in just a few short hours!


Fleece- (It’s cold here in October and fleece doesn’t require hemming!)


styrofoam balls (I used 12, 1.5″)

Black fabric paint

sponge (I used a magic eraser)

brown flannel

sewing machine



Mom AKA Wilma

The amount of fabric needed depends on how tall you are and how long you would like your dress to be.

I used a yard and a half.

I used a dress that I already owned as a pattern.

Trace your dress sides and adjust the top to be just one shoulder.

Start cutting!

sew your sides, and shoulder hem, cut the bottom to be jagged.

String together your styrofoam balls on a string. I used safety pins as my clasp.

Easy peasy!

Dad & Son AKA Fred & Bam Bam

Since I was making two of these, I bought 3 yards of orange fleece.

I did the same thing with the guys as I did with mine.

I found some loose fitting shirts of theirs to trace as my pattern.

I then used them to figure out how long to make them and lengthened past the end of the t-shirt as needed.

Again I sewed up the sides, cut the sleeves, and made the jagged bottoms.

Next, it’s time to paint.

I used a magic eraser because it’s what I had on hand and it was easy to cut into a triangle.

Randomly paint black triangles all of the fronts and backs.

For Bam Bam, I added a brown flannel sash and later added a styrofoam bone I found at the craft store.

For Fred, he got a bright blue tie.

Baby AKA Dino


Having two boys, instead of making Pebbles, I decided to go with Dino for the baby. It would be an easy costume to keep him warm in.

I personally made the hat just by looking at others online and crocheting it up.

You’ll have to use your imagination here or ask a friend to make you one or find a custom Etsy listing.

I made the onesie out of fleece using his sleeper as a pattern, but it was a pain in the but and didn’t turn out very well.

I later found some purple sleepers that would have worked just as well.


So there you have it!

Our DIY Flintstones Family Halloween Costume.

We got so many compliments that year and we all stayed nice and warm!

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