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DIY Quilted Fall Table Topper

If you’ve read any of my fall blog posts you’d know that I am Fall obsessed!

This quilted fall table topper is no exception!

I love to sew, fall, and hexagons.

With that being said this project was a must for me!

It took about an hour and a half to whip together.

This was a perfect nap time project.


Materials Needed

5-6 Fall themed cotton prints

Hexagon Quilting Ruler


Rotary Sewing Cutting Set


Safety Pins

Sewing Machine


These were my fall cotton quilt choices.  My personal favorite is the Sunflowers!  The first fabric will be the back side.

This part doesn’t have to be difficult.  If you don’t have a hexagon ruler you can do what I did and make your own.  Mine is 5″ and made from a Christmas box.  It works, but I’ll be ordering myself a set of templates soon because I wish I would have done them a little smaller.

I cut 6 pieces from each of the four fabrics.  I have a round table and was looking to make a small topper.

Once you’ve got everything cut out, lay them out to your liking.  I chose a 3-4-5-5-3 pattern because I was looking for a rounded shape.

Once I figured out my placement I sewed them into strips.

Sewing hexagon strips together can be a bit tricky.  They don’t line up like a straight line of quilt squares.  I had to keep lifting and realigning as I went down the zig zag.  It looked a bit messy at times but the finished project turned out just fine.


Once you’ve finished the top piece you’ll want to cut a piece of batting to match.  I used a piece of scraps for this.  You don’t have to do this part, but it gave it a bit of sturdiness and will serve a double function as a hot pad on Thanksgiving day!

Lay your topper on your piece of batting.  You may want to pin it down in a few spots.  Just cut the batting down to match.

This is what you should have at this point.

Next you’ll want to take the fabric you will be using for the bottom layer and lay both of your fabrics right sides touching.

The goal here is to sew all around the edge leaving a small opening.  Once the edge is sewn, you will flip your topper right side out.

You’re almost there!  Sew all around the edge of your topper, making sure to fold in and sew up the opening that is left.

Once that is done you can get to quilting.  I chose to just sew along the hexagon lines but you are welcome to get as creative as you want here!

Here you go! Your finished project!  Isn’t it an adorable addition and a bit more fall to my kitchen!


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