How To Help Your Kids With The Back to School transition.
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How To Help Your Kids With The Back To School Transition

With summer coming to an end, it’s time to start thinking about sending the kids back to school.

I’m not going to lie.  I might be just a little bit excited about it.

That is until I remember that not only do I have to be functional at early hours again, so do my kids.

After doing this for a few years, here are my tips and tricks to getting your kids ready for the back to school transition.


Ease into an earlier bedtime

Here in Indiana, it is still light well after nine in the evening.  Although I enforced a pretty strict in your bed by 9:30 routine for my sanity this summer, most nights he was up reading late into the night.  (Seriously how can I be mad when he’s voluntarily reading Harry Potter??)

We discussed it weeks in advance.  3 weeks before school his bedtime would move to nine and lights off by ten.  Now a week before school it’s bedtime by 8:30 and lights off at nine.

Because he knew the expectations I haven’t had a lot of kickbacks with this.  We will see how that continues when I start waking him up early in the next few days!

Go Shopping

We made a big deal about getting school supplies.  We went to staples and completed our list pretty cheap.  A new backpack from Aldi’s.  (Seriously check out Aldi’s! $6 for a very sturdy adorable backpack!)  After that, it was time to head to Kohls.  Going cheap on the supplies meant I could spend a little extra on some nice shirts and tennis shoes.

He can’t wait to start school so he can wear his new clothes.  I still remember that feeling of a new back to school wardrobe, nothing beats it!

Review Last year’s skills

I love love love printables.  A quick Pinterest search and you can find free printables for your child’s grade level.  I made up a packet and have been having him spend a bit of time each day reviewing so he’s confident in his skills when he returns to school. He’s heading into fourth grade and is a huge reader so we focused on math skills.

I’d like to say I’m the mom that had him practice school work all summer, but let’s be real.  A few weeks of review ahead of time should be a good head start to get him back into the groove.

Talk About It

Spend some time talking about it with your child.  What are they anxious about, what are they excited about?  We checked with his friends to see who had the same teacher and how he thought he’d like his new teacher.

We also talked about expectations.  He has ADHD so behavior is always something we struggle with throughout the year. He is getting old enough to expect personal management of his own behavior so setting up expectations ahead of time is important.


As you get your kids ready to head back to school, I’d love to hear how you’re helping them make the transition!

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