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Income Report: I Made $0 My First Month Blogging And Why Thats OK

Today I’m going to share my income report based on my first-month blogging.

I haven’t decided yet if income reports are something I plan to do regularly but this first one I thought would be helpful to beginning bloggers out there, just like me.


Starting a blog for the first time is exciting, overwhelming, and a bit intimidating.

I started this blog Mid July 2018 and didn’t really start finding my groove until August.

I’ve tried to create a blog post every couple of days, totaling 22 blog posts with a couple of graphics for most.

I’ve experimented with Tailwind and their tribes.

I’ve even started trying my hand with a manual pinning method.

I have over 900 Pinterest followers and currently 68k monthly viewers.

I’ve spent countless hours on Pinterest, pinning, creating boards, and joining group boards.

I’ve joined Share a Sale, Amazon Associates, and Siteground affiliates.

August 2018 Pinterest growth using Tailwind and manual pinning.

The result of all of that hard work?

I’ve made $0 and have had 400 monthly viewers.

Pretty pathetic right?

August 2018 Blog Stats


So I can’t make a post telling how I made a bajillion dollars my first month? So what?

I’ve spent the month setting the stage for success.

I truly believe that even though I am not currently seeing results, all of this hard work will pay off.

Has this month been a bit discouraging? Yes!

But am I going to let that set me back? No!


I’ve set myself up for success on Pinterest which I believe is a huge factor in the popularity of a blog.

I’ve experimented with graphics and have gotten better with each graphic I create.

I’m learning about SEO and building relationships with other new bloggers.

Every day I’m building my confidence that I too can do this and be successful.


I truly believe that my hard work and patience will pay off. 

Not to mention what blogging this past month has done for my personal life.


I’m a stay at home mom.  And was becoming a pretty lost one at that.

I was falling into a pretty big funk, wondering what my purpose is and where my life was heading.

Starting a blog has given me something to strive for each day.

I look forward to naptime, not so I can nap but so I can be productive and work on my blog.

I now have goals and something to get excited about.


So my brand new blog didn’t make any money this month.

So what! This month has been rewarding in its own way and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me.


If you’re a new blogger I’d love to connect with you! 

Reach out to me and let’s see how we can help each other become successful!


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  • Dawn

    I LOVE this post!!
    I think it may be because I also just started a blog in July 2018 😀.
    I’ve made zero dollars as well, lol. But there are better days before us.
    Technically, I haven’t even launched yet 🙈. I was too nervous but now I got a little bit of confidence.
    Thanks so much for this post.

    • Bre

      Thanks Dawn! I’m so glad this helped!
      You’ve totally got this, but I can understand the confidence thing. No one in real life knows about my blog because I’m nervous about what they would think. It’s something I’ve got to work on too.
      I’d love to help you out in any way I can.
      My email is if you want to reach out!

  • dani

    Hi Bre! I think I am in love with you. I am writing a post why it’s okay if I didn’t earn anything too. this is my second month of blogging and I am learning the ropes and yes, it is okay if I didn’t earn too. =) I’m so happy I have bumped into your post today because it is the only thing that made my headache go away today. I am happy to connect with you. =)

  • Bracey George

    I loved this post! I’m in the same boat and sometimes it can be overwhelming thinking about how far we have to go, but I do believe the journey to ‘success’ is just as important as the actual success! Good luck with everything!!!

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