My experience with Lasik eye surgery
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My Experience With Lasik Eye Surgery

So I thought I’d go a little off topic here and share my experience with Lasik eye surgery.

I have had glasses and contacts since the 5th grade.

My eyesight was so bad I would sleep in my glasses as a child because I hated the blurriness when they were off.

Like, couldn’t see the big E on the chart bad.

As I hit my teenage years and the invention of better contacts, I started living in my contacts.

I’m talking 30+ days without removing them.

I 100% do not recommend this!

As an adult, I started to pay for all of my bad habits.

I developed an allergy to the build up on my contacts and could only wear them for a few hours a day without my eyes swelling.  It was awful.

I finally got fed up one day and called for a Lasik consultation.


The consultation was pretty straightforward.

They ran a few tests, put some drops in my eyes, and determined that I was a great candidate for Lasik surgery.

They were confident they could do the procedure and get me to 20/20.

We went over the day of procedures and talked about payment options.

I left the place a bit nervous but confident in my decision.


I knew I was going to need a driver that day so I did all the arranging.

My mom agreed to take the day off and drive me to my appt.

I got a babysitter for the morning for the little one, and a friend that would pick Aiden up after school.

I told myself repeatedly not to watch any youtube videos of Lasik eye surgery.

Whatever I did. DO. NOT. WATCH. VIDEOS.

Don’t do it.  I did and regretted it. It was gross.

The Procedure

So we pull into the parking lot and I’m feeling a bit jittery, but my mom knows her only job is to make sure I don’t back out.

As we walk into the building a young woman is walking out of the office.

She has a nurse with her, patches over her eyes and she’s bawling!

Like straight up ugly crying.

I start turning around towards the door and my mother grabs me and drags me into the office.

They take me back and hand me a nice little pill that takes all of my worries away.

After the pill, they put more drops in my eyes and then take me to a dark room.

I’m not even kidding, there was a massage chair and a masseuse.

I had a nice twenty-minute massage while my happy pill kicked in and all of my fears went right out the door.

I can’t promise yours will offer this but you should ask!

The procedure was strange.

You lay on the table and they hold your eyes open but nothing hurts.

They tell you to look in different directions and give you step by step details as they are going.

Within five minutes they were finished.

I had envisioned being strapped to a table while they took knives to my eyes.

It was not like that. It was quick and easy.

I asked if I could go back to the massage room but was turned down.

They handed me back to my mom and out the door, we went.

They put big shields over my eyes and I was pretty much blind at that point.


I’m glad I had my mom there that first day.

There was no way I would have been capable of taking care of my kids.

When we got home I climbed back in bed and fell asleep.

I woke a short while later and my eyes felt like they had been clawed out by cats.

My mom came into the room, forced some drops into my eyes, which was painful and gave me a pill to knock me back out.

I continued to sleep while she picked up my kids and took care of their needs, popping in every so often to put drops in my eyes as prescribed.

By that evening I felt much better.

I went out and sat on the couch for a bit with the family.

I still couldn’t open my eyes, I had to keep the big shields on, but they didn’t hurt like they had earlier.


By the next day, I could see and felt better than expected.

My eyes were a bit sensitive to light but with some sunglasses and moisture drops, I was fully functional.

The hardest part was not rubbing or touching my eyes.

I had to sleep with the shields on for a week, and remember to put the drops in almost constantly.

I returned to my eye doctor after a week and had perfect vision!


It was weird for a while. I would wake up and reach for my glasses before realizing I didn’t need them anymore.

Now almost a year later, I sometimes forget I ever needed them.

The biggest side effect of Lasik eye surgery I struggled with and still struggle a bit with is dryness.

I have to use drops first thing in the morning but am fine the rest of the day.

Compared to the swollen allergic mess I was before Lasik my eyes feel great!


Lasik eye surgery was life-changing for me, and I’d do it again if I had the chance.

My biggest piece of advice is to take stock in Thera Tears!



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