Single Moms 5 Favorite apps that save big money.
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Five Favorite Apps That Save Moms Big Money

*This post contains affiliate links. Don’t worry I don’t recommend anything I don’t use and love!

As A single mom to two boys with bottomless pits for bellies, I’m always looking for ways to save some cash.

Between keeping them fed, a roof over their head, and all of their extracurricular activities, it can be hard to keep up with them financially.

Finding apps on my phone is an easy way I can cut some costs and set money aside without putting much thought into it.

Here are the five apps that have helped me save money and have some extra spending cash


This app is my go-to for budgeting.  It loads all my accounts including my debts.  I love watching this app as I pay down debt and since I can track my spending, I am able to keep myself in check.


This app helps me save!  I have it set to auto-invest a certain amount each week.  You can for sure do more if you are able! You can choose how you would like to invest your money and start earning with the money you’re saving. They also have other options like retirement and accounts for your children.  I’ve really loved Stash since I downloaded it.


One of my go-to shopping apps.  Not only do I use it when shopping online to earn a percentage back.  I always check it before making a trip to my local grocery stores to see what brands have deals. All you have to do is upload your receipt and scan your barcodes.  I love love love this app because you can match the savings up with whatever coupons you have on hand.  I have over sixty dollars earned back this year!


This app is something I mess with in my downtime.  I take surveys or watch videos to earn points.  These equal gift cards to popular stores like Amazon and target!  If you log on through their websites there are even more tasks you can do for reward points.  I’ve earned over $100 worth of gift cards with Swagbucks!


This is my other go-to shopping app.  I can check weekly ads for all of my local grocery stores and create my shopping list.  It makes it so easy to compare prices.  Plus the coupons you can grab with this app save me a ton!



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