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Why You Should Be Using A Habit Tracker + Free Habit Tracker Printable!

If you’ve never used a habit tracker you’ve been missing out!

I spend most of my day trying to keep track of the kids’ routines and needs that by the end of the day I realize I didn’t do anything for myself.

My habit tracker is something I use to make sure I’m practicing self-care and taking care of my basic needs.

It sounds silly to need a piece of paper to do so but I promise it helps!

Not to mention the rewarding feeling you get as you see you’re accomplishing the goals you set out to achieve that month!

It’s also great to see the areas that your struggling in so you can put more effort into those categories.

For Instance, I’m halfway through the month and have only been to the gym a few times, I need to up my gym game!

I keep my habit tracker hanging on my fridge so it’s something I see multiple times a day, and not only can I keep track, but it’s something my family can help keep me accountable for.


If you’ve never used a habit tracker but would like to try it out I’ve got good news for you!

Because I love you all so very much and want to help you love yourself;

I’ve created a Free Habit Tracker Printable for my readers!

Just click the link above to open a pdf version of my habit tracker and hit print!

Use this habit tracker to remind yourself of everyday needs, like vitamins and meds, but also use it to track your favorite self-care practices to make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Read more about how I use my free habit tracker printable in my post about Mom Burn Out!


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