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Why Your Family Needs A Summer Bucket List

Summer Bucket List
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Our family’s summer bucket list has been an exciting challenge for our family. Like most moms, I start the summer off optimistic with all of the fun and excitement we’re going to have. But by three weeks in I’m pulling my hair out.

Our summer bucket list has been the visual we need to keep us motivated and an awesome boredom buster. The deal around here is if the boys keep up on their chores, we’ll continue to work our way through our summer bucket list.

I’ve found with four boys, the key to surviving summer break is to keep them as busy as possible. A day spent lounging around the house almost guarentees WWE fights will break out amongst the boys. So when we have nothing planned for the day, I go check the list and see what we can check off for the day.

Summer Bucket List
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The week before school got out we sat down and created a list, of every fun activity, big and small that we wanted to accomplish this summer. I made up a pretty word document and printed it out to hang by our command center.

It’s super simple to come up with a list and it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. We have a lot of outings on our list. Some cost money but a lot are free activities we can do around town or even at home.

Some examples include:

Our list includes approximately 60 items that we hope to accomplish this summer!

So if you’re looking for a way to motivate your kids and yourself try making a summer bucket list as a family. Come up with your own family ground rules, and enjoy the summer!

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